Welcome to New Mexico

The Land of Enchantment has always drawn Mages. Amongst the vast empty wilderness – and the terrors that live there – exist places in sympathy with the Supernal. Ruins from The Fall lie just below the sands.

Other things live there too. Vampires war endlessly over the border. Werewolves roam the deserts in huge packs. Mortal Hunters partol the cities, driving the terrors out block by block. The Shadow is awash with Spirits both ancient and new.

The state has recently borne witness to the bloody side of Awakened society. Tired of the Conslium’s chokehold, the Free Council openly rebelled. Dozens of Mages flocked to the new “Democratic Council of New Mexico”. The Pentacle struck back hard, and the Free Council retreated to Rio Rancho to lick their wounds.

And then… nothing. The Free Council Mages have not been seen in a year, and attempts to scry them have all failed. Their base in Rio Rancho has played host to myriad strange events in the tense months that followed.

While the Pentacle has been picking up the pieces, the Seers of the Throne have seized the opportunity. Seer Pylons attacked weakened Consilii around the State and drove the Pentacle from many towns. Only the Albuquerque Consilium remains at full strength.

And now the Land of Enchantment is playing host to a rash of new Awakenings. These Awakened are being born into the calm before the storm. War is coming, and the major players are beginning to emerge.

Breaking Mage

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